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Sound to Sea

Last week I had the privilege of traveling with Upper Elementary to the coast to learn about ecology on the barrier islands of North Carolina.

Although our time was limited, our adventures were not. Students spent most of their days in mini-classes learning about plant and animal adaptations and how these adaptations help them survive on the island.

Students not only spent time listening and learning but actively doing the things they were learning about.

Students were immersed in hands-on learning the entire trip. One of my favorite memories with this group was getting to fish for oysters and crabs in the sound.

In the following weeks, we will continue to build on how different ecosystems and animals are equipped to not only survive, but to thrive.

One of the many activities students participated in was a fish dissection. In this lesson they learned about fish anatomy and got an inside look at how species have different adaptations to survive in unique environments.

Students also had many opportunities to hold and interact with different species, which was a fun and unique experience.

Students saw hawks and owls in our "First in Flight" lesson. That class talked about the Wright Brothers and aviation and how they leaned on the first flyers, birds!

Students held the programs corn snake and turtle and discussed coloring adaptations and how they are designed to fit into their ecosystem.

This trip was a full circle moment for me as a teacher because I came to the very same program when I was in 5th grade. It was a special treat to get to experience it again with this group. It allowed me to reflect on the many memories I still have from my learning experience there some years ago. My hope is that the same will be true for the Upper Elementary group.

-Ms. Emily

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