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Sowing seeds of Sustainability

Oh! I mean sowing seeds IN Sustainability. That's right - we jumped into our first round of seed starting this week, in preparation for getting the dynamic aquaponic system back up and flowin'.

It wasn't all kale, collards, and dreams of catfish, though. We had worms on the brain, as well. Specifically Eisenia fetida, otherwise known as red wigglers, and superstars when it comes to transforming kitchen and food scraps into "black gold" (awesome plant fertilizer). We used our math muscles to create the right proportion of materials for cozy worm bedding. The vermiculture trays are all ready and the guests of honor will be arriving next week. We will dive a little deeper into worm biology to understand how and what to feed our red wigglers to optimize their growth and reproduction. Our good care now will payoff in DGS Worm castings for sale at the farmers market next spring.

Farming anything, even worms, lets us experience the direct results of our actions on other beings, revealing threads of the web-of-life. Sowing seeds OF sustainability. . .

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