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Spontaneous Activity in Education (Maria Montessori)

Maria Montessori wrote the above titled book. A key aspect that came from her observations of children is that children seek growth because it is "in their nature to do so." As guides (teachers), we try to ignite interest. We plant many seeds because each child is unique.

Last week, our class began a small-group project studying the Inca, Aztec and Maya. After their individual reading and research, the groups came together to begin planning what elements they should include to create a miniature ancient empire. One student realized clothing was missing and that was of interest and important to include. She sought out a material from the cultural shelf that was introduced the first week of school. She then spontaneously laid out the card work and then illustrated examples of clothing. Once she labels her sketches, she intends to present this to the other group members.

When the desire to learn is intrinsic, students are not seeking approval from the teacher. They don't need it. The motivation and sense of accomplishment come from within.

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