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Spring is Here! - MS Blog Files

Hello Readers,

The last time we visited, the Literary Tea was in full swing, and middle schoolers were in a heated battle over our two final poems:

Jazz Fantasia, by Carl Sandburg versus Mr. Nobody, by Anonymous

JAZZ FANTASIA took the win! We announced it in class the following week.

Since then, we've taken a spring break and come back full force, preparing for our next event, the DGS Spring Production. By the time you read this, we will all have seen the show and finally have an answer to the question on everybody's minds.....

Does Handsome - legit - kiss Snow White??? (Ahhh, middle school is the best!)

In ENGLISH, we have taken the week of unusual class schedules to study grammar and specifically prepositional phrases. Next week students will start new novels to finish off the year. Seventh and eighth grade will read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and sixth grade will read Ghost by Jason Reynolds. Both novels are excellent reads and proven favorites; I look forward to experiencing their stories with middle school.

In HISTORY, we switched March and April's typical themes, and are addressing Women's History Month currently. (March is usually Women's History and April is Poetry Awareness, but with the Literary Tea, we had to be different at DGS!) Every student did an introductory search on a woman that is known for being innovative or influential. We are playing off our February field trip, Men of Change, and are creating a gallery in our classroom entitled Women of Change. I can't wait to share pictures when we're finished! Additionally we are continuing with Threshold 7, which introduces us to the first civilizations. This unit study will carry us through the end of the year.

Additionally, our ELFT fundraising and planning is coming along. We will be nailing down our itinerary and meal planning this coming week. Thank you to our DGS middle school parents for baking and to our DGS community for supporting us as we raise the funds for such a memorable trip. The countdown to May 8th begins!

Some pictures of play practice...

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