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UE - Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones

This past Friday, we visited the Whitewater Center. Our experience included ropes courses, zip-lines and an engineering class. Before we left on our adventure, we met in circle to discuss our comfort zone, challenge zone and danger zone. We wanted to spend our day in the challenge zone as much as possible, as that is where the most growth happens. We reminded ourselves to listen to our bodies, and not mistake manageable nervousness with panic. Yesterday, we reflected in our journals about our choices from Friday. Did we challenge ourselves (or not), how did that feel?

During our Zip-Line Engineering class, we learned about concepts including friction, mass, gravity, air resistance and slope. Then we built our own zip-lines and tested them out using our "human" prototype.

In true DGS spirit, we observed a tree that had a cable tied around it. A completely student-led conversation occurred noting the ability of the tree to grow around the obstacle. Nature always finds a way!

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