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Stirrings, 2/5

Can you feel the stirrings of spring? This week, even through the chill of February air, we heard and saw signs of a shift. The cardinal's song provided a fresh soundtrack to our wanderings and tiny red maple flowers peppered the muddy trail to the woods. And the bees! There has been a marked increase in hive activity - we've seen flashes of "waggle dancing" (ask your children what this means) and lots of new larvae in cells.  It was so refreshing to be seasonally observing and sketching with upper and lower elementary after several weeks of indoor study.

Hope you enjoy "observing" our Sustainability studies through photos.

Middle School completed their unit on  UN Global Goals for Sustainability, posting their ideas for personal actions related to one of the goals. 

Upper El rocked an afternoon of farmwork, cycled back to finalize their  "green audit" and got seriously enthusiastic during the Sheets Laundry video shoot.

Lower El conducted simple experiments using the Scientific Method and classified vertebrates based on their characteristics, Montessori-style. 

Kindergarten shifted gaze from plants to animals, starting with food chains and moving onto fish anatomy. Thankfully one of our aquaponic catfish complied to my netting. After being carefully sketched, lots of loving encouragement, and a few good names ("jumpy" and "mac-n-cheese"), he went back into the tank, back to work providing fertilizer for our rapidly growing kale crop.  

Our farm is at the heart of our campus community and your help with weekend animal care is needed and valued. Please find a spot or two that works for you, sign up, and enjoy the connection to our critters together with your children.

💚 Ms. Paula

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