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Sustainability 10/9

How can we trust the harvest, unless we see it sown? - Mary Renault

Between different classes, we've done a little sowing, a little harvesting, some tasting and ranking (apples), evaluating and designing (recycling, compost, and animal habitats) and crafting for the market. These practical activities will continue as we near our first farmer's market on Oct. 22. With the fabulous art auction around the corner (Nov.4), we'll have a couple weeks of artistic sowing and subsequent harvest (and bidding 😊) .

Fall is FULL of activity. Our challenge is to pause and notice the connections - to trace the harvest back to the sowing, to the work, to all things that contributed. Our ancestors knew this and it's a practice perhaps even more needed today and in our growing world, for it cultivates not only gratitude, but also responsibility.

💚 Ms. Paula

P.S. Look for an email about our new dropoff line location for compost, #5 plastic take-out containers, and batteries.

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