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Sustainability, 2/15

"I've got work to do." This spirit of this refrain from one of my favorite "Ms. Kathleen" songs rises up joyfully in your children when they see the living, growing results of their work. And it settles in their bones when they watch their work transform and cycle - spreading into the community through farmer's market offerrings, through healthy dome-grown greens donated to a food pantry, and even through the process of decay and nutrient release in our compost.

Our here work has a rhythm, it repeats. Each time we mix soil, transplant seedlings, or take cuttings is an opportunity to be fully present and observe and learn something new or deeper. The desire to work needs unhurried space to spark, a suitably welcoming environment to expand in, and agency to burn brightly. When I hear your children sing

"I'm not wasting my time here, I've got work to do", it rings true.

💚 Ms. Paula

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