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Sustainability in Action!

Middle Schoolers took a fantastic trip to Boomerang Water, where Jason Dibble inspired them to be change-makers in the world. He encouraged them to put into action what they have been learning about for years—best behind the scene tour we have ever taken. It was amazing for our kids be to able to experiance innovation and sustainablity in action right in our own backyard. I was super proud of our students for asking brilliant and engaging questions; our kiddos rock.

Upper Elementary did some fabulous watercolor art for the Davidson Libary (the middle school also did pieces last week).

In lower elementary, we learned about mass, volume, and density to gain deeper into thermal mass next week in terms of passive solar design. We compared the mass and volume of different rocks and minerals, and some did an extension of calculation density during their work cycle time.

It was a great week!

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