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Sustainability, Nov. 18

Plants, animals, markets, weather, community, dreams, hard work, and biodiversity. All characters in the documentary that UE watched last week - "The Biggest Little Farm". If you've got a child in UE you've probably already heard about it! It's the true story of a small farm built on a dream and trust in the balancing forces of a diverse ecosystem (even if it's a working farm). We couldn't help but recognize some of the activities we do on our DGS "farm" and it sparked some thinking as we move into evaluating our sustainable practices here at DGS. And speaking of markets, thanks to all who worked at our farmers market booth or visited it to support your children's creations and community ties.


Plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, protists…

 Lower El continued their investigations of the 6 kingdoms -  this week with microscopes!   One session isn't enough, so I've set up stations to continue to do observations and sketching over the next couple weeks. Ask your children about their favorite discoveries. 

Kindergarteners had a little "six plant parts" dance session as we listened to a recording by the Banana Slug String Band (from their Singing in our Garden album). We identified the plant parts in a few of their lunch foods and they worked on their soon- to-be-completed felt plants.

Middle Schoolers tapped into some creative and productive energies, working hard to complete or nearly complete their projects. Bunny toys were made, compost signs painted, chicken pens expanded, worm castings harvested, aquaponics system tested, and flyers designed and printed. It was exciting to see! 

As we head into a week-long break, I wish you all some calm, quiet moments among whatever travels or adventures you may have planned. And I'm sharing the pre-meal blessing (part of a Tom Chapin song) that my son learned in his Montessori primary classroom (winks to Ms. Heidi). It is simple and yet profound. 

"Thanks for our health. Thanks for our hearth

And the bounty that grows from the ground.

With our loved ones near we bless the year

That's brought us safely 'round."

Love & gratitude,

Ms. Paula 

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