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"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." John Muir

One of my favorite places to observe our DGS students is in the woods. Once we pass the cottage, everyone seems lighter. A deeper sense of community evolves, yet at the same time, support of individuality. Kids immerse themselves in their surroundings, creativity sparks and courage unveils itself. There is play and there is also peace.

Last week, we read Jennifer Morgan's book, "Born with a Bang, The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story". It is beautifully illustrated by Dana Lynne Andersen. In the book, the Universe tells its own creation story. This week we started to look at the stories told throughout history to explain natural phenomenon, creation and explanatory myths. We compared and contrasted and illustrated. Next week, we will begin writing our own creation myths about something we've wondered about or interests us.

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