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The clouds part… Lower elementary’s Mountain adventure

There are days on the top of Mount Mitchell, where you can see for 70 miles away. The clouds part and everything becomes clear. That was the kind of day we had on top of Mount Mitchell, and it continued with us through our three day adventure in the mountains. 

After walking to the summit in silence and taking in the 360 views —- one of our kiddos said they could stay there for an hour, sit in silence, and take in the beauty. Someone from another group overheard him, and was amazed by his wise comment and said that was exactly what he wanted to do as well. 💚

The next three days were filled with bonding together in community, studying macroinvertebrates in mountain streams, building a community fire, canoeing, and going for a hike and learning about edible and medicinal plants. 

It was a glorious three days of adventure, and all of our kiddos rose to the occasion with smiles on their faces, and love in their hearts.

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