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The Silly and the Serious - UE with Ms. Shannon

Upper Elementary students are a beautiful mix of black, white and gray perception and communication; a blend of "tell me what to do" and independent thinking; goofy kid jokes and the beginning of understanding more adult humor; they test boundaries, are inquisitive and emotional. Our days are filled with the silly and the serious - conversations, curriculum, behavior and feelings. This is us!

Here's what we've been up to:

How America Works - Government

  • Voting - We welcomed two new office products to our classroom. There's nothing UE kids like more than a vote! We used this opportunity to engage in two types of voting.

  • Direct democratic vote

  • Representative vote

  • Branches of government - For this group project, students are assigned to one of the three branches of US government: judicial, executive or legislative.

  • Group dynamics: communication, emerging roles, compromise, support - use of time…,

  • Skills: reading, research and note-taking

  • Amendments in cursive - Everyone was assigned two amendments or the preamble to the Constitution to practice their cursive.


  • Russian war against Ukraine - Together, we examined the history of Russia's efforts to "subjugate" Ukraine.

  • Encanto, Disney’s first Latino musical with a focus on the diverse family perspectives and the culture of Colombia

  • New US postage stamp honoring Indigenous Black American sculptor Edmonia Lewis (1800s)


  • Angles

  • Parts and types

  • Montessori Protractor and fraction equivalence

  • Fractions work - beginning, advanced and story problems, materials to compliment

Language Arts - cursive, appositives, figurative language, poetry intro, Master Class research and presentations

Animal Care - rabbits, chickens, worms, fish

Tea Time - It's been wonderful to have afternoon tea a couple of times a week with kids who sign up on their own or in groups. This provides a relaxed environment to chat and learn a little more about one another.

Spring Production - All things Seussical! Ms. Maya deserves a spa day and these kids are amazing. They practice all the time, singing through the classroom and at recess. The passion is real!

Social-Emotional Learning - Who would have thought that the movie "Encanto" would provide such a wonderful foundation for reflection and discussion of our emotions. We enjoyed this as part of our Valentine's Day/Birthday extravaganza.

What the characters showed us:

  • Acceptance of self and others

  • Feelings - what happens when you hold them in and when you let them out

  • Self-awareness and self-regulation

Continued gratitude for these children!

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