The Wheel is Turning (Sustainability, 11/7)

What a glorious and busy October its been, sweeping us into November! We've been treated to an amazing display of fall color this season and I've taken time with each group to appreciate this phenomenon at work.

Some learned about chlorophyll, anthocyanin, and carotenoids. Others about the recycling of nutrients carried through the deciduous leaves falling and decomposing at the roots of the very tree that dropped them. The trees own "pantry", as it were, granted the leaf blower or rake doesn't steal these nutrients away! And we continue to practice identifying the tulip poplar, white oak, spicebush, and winged elm that dominate our campus woods. 

But most of Sustainability the last few weeks has been farmers market prep, art auction, farm work and farm improvements.  This is right on target with harvest season, a flurry of activity to prepare for the quieter time of winter ahead. Time we look forward to digging deeper into comparative anatomy of our farm animals, a "green audit" of DGS, food webs and nutrient cycling and more bee studies. 

A big thank you to all who participated in the art auction - from each artist to the all-important bidders to teachers and Ms.Maya who pulled it off beautifully! Community matters. Gratitude for service and each other matters.  May your children's art remind and inspire you. 🎨