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This Week at a Glance

This past week was an eventful one in the sustainability realm.

Lower elementary students started off their week given the challenge to walk through a single piece of paper. Their creative minds went straight to work. They used many different methods to try and complete the challenge. Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that perimeter plays a part in being successful. We walked through the process of folding and cutting the paper to create a larger perimeter and that resulted in a larger hole to walk through. They came up with real life applications as to why perimeter is important.

In sustainability, lower elementary went on a hunt for signs of fall. We looked for ways to know that winter is approaching without the help of technology. We went straight to nature for hints that tell us the seasons are changing. Students noticed leaves changing colors and animals changing behavior such as birds migrating and squirrels storing food for the upcoming winter. Students also noted that some trees don't change colors. This led to an investigation to understand why some leaves change colors while some stay green. We learned that leaves get their color from different chemicals that are present at different times and some trees do not experience this chemical change.

We talked about how unique it is that no one tells nature when to change to prepare for the upcoming season, yet it always does so right on time.

It's beautiful and powerful all at the same time.

To honor this beauty and the changes that are happening, students made nature bracelets out of things they found that let them know fall is upon us.

Upper elementary and middle school turned their focus to our upcoming farmers market by making some wonderful products. Ms. Kathleen joined our classes to discuss the process of candle making and the importance of being a producer instead of always being a consumer. We also used the product making process to practice mindfulness to infuse our products with goodness, wellness, and love.

I hope you all take the opportunity to either volunteer with us or come out and support the students at the market. This is such a valuable experience for them. The students will get direct experience practicing what grace and courtesy looks like, financial literacy, the importance of volunteering and giving back, and so many other skills.

Last but not least, we celebrated the life of one of our wonderful chickens, Cream Puff. Although it was a sad day, many shared specials moments they will always remember with Cream Puff. It was beautiful to watch students honor her through the laying of flowers and nature creations on a memorial they created.

It was also a powerful reminder that there any many ways to have a relationship with nature and how amazing it is that the students are given the opportunity to intimately experience it.

-Ms. Emily

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