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Try, try and try

Will or won't it rain seemed to be the question of the week. From our point of view, we did very well, got to be outside and dodge the rain for the most part. From yours, the laundry may have piled up with the amount of accumulated mud!!!

The children are enjoying the seasonal works that are on the shelves right now. Pumpkin hammering, the lifecycle of a pumpkin, pumpkin tonging, corn tweezing, bat pin-punching to name a few.

We will soon begin work on our "long-term project for the art auction in February. When I say long-term that is exactly what it will be! We usually try to choose a sewing project which takes some time, however, sewing is a big part of our curriculum and provides amazing handwork for the children. As always, because it is their work, it becomes such a fun and sweet experience!

We are working on our group song for the variety show in November with Ms. Kathleen and it is such a cute song. Mark your calendars, it is November 18th. Your child is also welcome to perform individually. The variety show is such a fun experience for everyone and a lovely way for our community to come together.

Next week we will have a couple of visitors from Upper Elementary. A couple of children will pop into our group to read to our children. The children have really enjoyed this experience in the past.

One of our hens in the chicken coop has laid eggs and has been sitting on them now for about 16 to 17 days. We are eagerly awaiting baby chicks!!! We have read the book 'from egg to chicken' and each day we open an egg to see what stage of development the chicken is currently at. Jack continues to be a daily visitor and is most welcome, neither he or the children are at all phased by each other and it is so cool to see her arrive daily.

I am sure you have seen the email about our field trip change, personally I am delighted about the change and hope it is not an inconvenience for anyone. We have gone to triple diamond farm once before and it was an amazing trip. It is such an intimate event since we are the only school there, the children loved it and jumping into the corn pit was the most fun. Dogs and cats wander through freely and one of the dogs joined us on the the hayride. Ms. Kathleen, myself, Ms. Judith and Ms. Belkis will be there to guide the children and it will be such a fun trip. Please go to the field trip section on the website and fill out the permission slip as soon as you can!

On an entertaining note, this morning I was working with a child on the tri-nomial cube. I asked her if she knew why it was called the tri-nomial cube and she said very enthusiastically "yes, because you try and try and try and it's very hard". These are the moments that make my day, I told her it's called tri-nomial because it has three layers but that I liked her rationale better!!!

The children are collaborating both in their play and their work. It is wonderful to see a child offer to help another child with their work!

Have a great weekend .

The Primary Team

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