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UE Limericks on St. Patrick's Day

Upper El students have been studying and writing poetry. They have learned about many elements of poetry including alliteration, simile and metaphor and personification. They have been practicing these elements in isolation as well as applying them to different forms of poetry. Each day they choose what style they would like to practice, choosing from haiku, free verse, quatrains, villanelle, clerihew and more. On Friday, we dedicated time to the Irish Limerick and even wrote one for Mr. Derek.

Next week, we will turn our classroom into a Literary Cafe. We will dim the lights, "light" the candles, enjoy snacks and cafe beverages and practice our snaps of appreciation. Each student will have the opportunity to share their writing as we prepare for Literary Tea on the Green. We hope to see you at the Tea on Friday, 3/31 at 5:00.

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