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UE, The Fab Four & More (Ms. Shannon)

The Fab Four x2

Take 1: As we introduce literature circles, we had the opportunity to meet the Fab Four. We were first visited by our Lady of Literacy who told us the roles of each member in a literature circle. Over the next couple of days we met the Predictor, Clarifier, Questioner and Summarizer. The Discussion Director made a special appearance to share how they will keep the discussion moving. Thank you, Maya and other staff for costumes and props. Next week we will meet in our 5-student lit circles and begin our novels. These will be teacher guided in the beginning, with the goal of each group functioning in their roles independently.

Take 2: We’ve been listening to lots of Beatles tunes. Hint hint….Variety Show. Speaking of the Variety Show (November 15), each student is encouraged to participate as an individual or with a partner/small group. Break a leg!

It may seem odd, but in the theater world, saying “good luck” is actually considered bad luck.

There are numerous ideas about the origin of the phrase. One story says spirits wreak havoc on your wishes and make the opposite happen. Another comes from ancient Greece, where the audience didn’t clap but instead stomped their feet to show appreciation. If the audience stomped long enough, they would break a leg. Some say the term originated during Elizabethan times when, instead of applause, the audience would bang their chairs on the ground — and if they liked it enough, the leg of the chair would break.

The most common theory refers to an actor breaking the “leg line” of the stage. In the early days of theater, this is where ensemble actors were queued to perform. If actors were not performing, they had to stay behind the “leg line,” which also meant they wouldn’t get paid.

If you were to tell the actor to “break a leg,” you were wishing them the opportunity to perform and get paid. The sentiment remains the same today; the term means “good luck, give a good performance.”

Research, reSEARCH

n. To go about seeking 1: careful or diligent search 2: studious inquiry or examination: esp: investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery of and interpretation of facts…. 3. the collecting of information about a particular subject

v. to search or investigate exhaustively

Merriam- Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition

Over the past few weeks, and culminating this week, the kids of UE have been exploring library books, encyclopedias and classroom 3-part cards to research in depth on a particular ancient civilization or a particular focus area for four different civilizations. They each came to the table with various skill sets and individual support has been provided along the way.

Here’s what I can share:

  1. It wasn’t easy.

  2. They really wanted to utilize the Internet, however were surprised to discover how much they could find using the tangible resources in our classroom.

  3. There was excitement when someone found a great resource after spending some time really digging.

  4. Focus - lots of focus on process, without the worry of product (yet).

  5. Depth - when students brought me their notes, we talked about what key questions were left unanswered and what needed more detail. Back to the books!

  6. As the students came to a reasonable stopping point in their research, there was an air of palpable pride surrounding them. Good vibes!

Reading Buddies

This week, ue students started reading stories to primary kids. Each day before lunch, volunteers head down to the roots of our school to share stories. This week it was all about Dr. Seuss. UE students were able to practice fluency and inflection, and build their confidence with read aloud.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day ~ Columbus Day, What’s this all about?

Monday was Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Columbus Day. We had a brief discussion about the two U.S. recognized holidays. On Google Classroom, there are four articles and the kids are to choose at least two of them to read. By Wednesday of next week, they are to write an explanation/gist of each of these days and what they are all about. Discussion TBC.


  • We have a beautiful new set of yoga cards in the classroom. They include yoga poses, breathing, meditations and affirmations.

  • Shout out to our intern, Olivia, for making geometry materials for our class. Woo hoo!

  • We rocked a fire drill this week!

  • Picture Day is scheduled for Monday, October 18th.

  • No school October 21, 22 and 25 (Teacher Work Day)

  • Sound to Sea is October 27 - 29.

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