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Upper Elem Week of Aug 26th

While this was only our second week of school, it feels as if we've been together for over a month.  Students have fallen into routine beautifully, and friendships have blossomed (or strengthened)!

Please view the newsletter.  You'll see that we began Spanish, Engineering, Sustainability, and Drama this week!  We also enjoyed yoga with Ms. Jennifer this morning.

Some families have inquired about Sun Celebrations for birthdays.  In Upper El, we actually celebrate birthdays by having a celebratory "Lunch Bunch."  The child whose birthday we're honoring gets to choose a local restaurant for us to walk to.  If time allows, we try to swing by Whit's or Ben and Jerry's on our walk back to campus.  We usually take a group of 3-4, but this is meant to be an INCLUSIVE expedition, so we always say "Yes!" if someone else wishes to join.  I will typically email families of the children who are attending Lunch Bunch the night before, reminding them to send lunch money in with their child.  If their child does not wish to purchase lunch, they may pack, but can still walk with us!  Please plan to respond to my Lunch Bunch reminder emails with any dietary/purchasing restrictions (i.e. I don't want my child getting something gigantic from Whit's).

Hopefully your child's Take-Home folder makes it home today!  Inside, you may find a tentative scope of the school year and a daily schedule (unless your child brought these home to you last week).  Our schedule is still being tweaked, so I'll send an updated version out once it seems final.  Also included in your child's folder is a list of word study words for the stage of spelling that they are currently working in.  If your child would like to practice these words at home, they're welcome to do so.  If not, we will give them plenty of practice in school 😊

In our newsletter, please read about the very special Flat Iron garden project that UE is embarking on.  Students will be walking to Flat Iron Tuesday afternoon (9/3) with Ms. Kathleen.  They should wear their green DGS shirts on this day, as well as comfortable walking shoes. 

Thanks to Amanda Campbell for sharing an additional fun Tuesday event: We have many Hale/Pham fans in our class!

I hope everyone has a fantastic three-day weekend.  We will see you on Tuesday!

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