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Upper El (1/11-15): Rocket Launches!

We finally got to launch our rockets this week, and it was a blast! 😂

In writing stories this week, we learned about all the different ways we can create challenges and conflicts in our stories. Either through character flaws and limitations, challenging settings, or intersecting plots/characters that clash in contrast.

Tuesday, we launched our rockets! After a couple of mildly successful flights, we figured out the process, and the rest of the rockets flew over twenty feet! We, of course, gave a second go to our early testers. As an engineering team, we learned a lot and had a great time.

This unit was Chemical Energy, and it was the most challenging unit so far, but I am always so impressed by what this group is capable of understanding. We finished off our unit with our recap quiz on Thursday.

I'm looking forward to introducing our next unit and hearing all about our Science Fair experiments next week!

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