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Upper El (10/12-16): Character, Temperature & Catapults!

This week started a two-week exploration to answer the question: how does temperature affect elasticity? We dove deeper into Character for our story writing, and we also began building catapults!

We ran an experiment together this week to see how a change in temperature affects the length that a rubber band stretches. Using ice and a hairdryer, students measured the differences, and the results were surprising. The cold rubber band stretches further! We discussed why this is by feeling the change of heat flow as we hold a rubber band to our forehead, stretch it, and then release it.

Next week we'll perform another experiment and see which one answers our big question the best.

Students received their catapult project this week! Using a limited set of materials, students will build a catapult to launch a ping pong ball. When we're all done, we'll have some fun with a few different contests.

As we build, our Upper El group is learning that it's ok to rebuild too. That as engineers, we need to test our designs and make changes according to what we want our design to accomplish.

We ended our Friday with a fun game of Charades/Pictionary.

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