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Upper El (10/26-30): Elasticity and Building

*I forgot to take pictures during class again! But, I took a few of our group with Ms. Kathleen and our new Chicks... so that has to count for something ; )

This week, students started a longer fiction story, which they have two weeks to work on instead of our typical one week. They finished and finalized their catapults (excited to launch some ping pong balls next week!), and we dove into some real-world applications of elasticity in engineering.

Students came up with some great ideas for their new stories and are off to the races to complete their first draft.

While finishing and testing our catapults, we had the opportunity to witness something we talked about earlier in the unit: the limit of elasticity. Meaning, too much testing led to some rubber bands and popsicle sticks snapping! It led to some good laughs.

We spent our virtual day taking our elasticity concepts into the real world. We looked at structures like skyscrapers and bridges and how engineers use elasticity to keep them standing during events like earthquakes.

We are looking forward to next week when we can use our catapults!

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