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Upper El (11/2-6): Launch Day!

This week was a lot of fun! Students completed their two-week story, we finished our unit on Elastic Energy, and we launched our catapults!

For our two-week story, we learned a great lesson on managing our time. I changed things up with this assignment, and it was a little challenging for the class to meet that change—understandably!

At the end of the week, I asked for everyone's thoughts about the experience, and together we discussed ways to work through the challenge in the future.

All in all, though, the stories I got to read were a lot of fun, full of heart, and there was a lot of growth in the writing.

We finally got to launch our catapults! We spent a large portion of our afternoon on Tuesday up at the playground area with them. I set up games to see who could launch the farthest, and then with some hula hoops, which could be the most accurate.

Since that concluded our unit on Elastic Energy, students took a little quiz on Wednesday to review the entire unit and all we learned. They did amazing!

Next week we're introducing the Science Fair project and starting our new unit on Chemical Energy!

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