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Upper El (11/9-11/13): Chemical Energy!

* We also had a Falcon right above us during class on Monday. Not the best picture, but it was so cool!

This week, we introduced our new science unit on Chemical Energy, learned more about writing dialogue through writing speeches, and we started our Science Fair Project too!

We started the week with our writing lesson about delivering information to the reader through dialogue rather than just narration. I read a few famous movie speeches to illustrate the main points and performed my best Scottish accent for the Braveheart speech. Freedom!

Monday was also our official start to the Science Fair. We went through all the details, due dates, and they started thinking of ideas immediately. I'm really excited to see what everyone chooses to explore.

The rest of our time was spent on introducing our new unit on Chemical Energy. We learned the difference between a chemical change and a physical change by showing five different demonstrations. Four were chemical reactions, and one was not. We'll dive further into the various products of chemical reactions like light, heat, expanding gases, and color changes in the coming weeks.

We also did a deep-dive lesson on atoms, molecules, and chemical bonds. I'm always amazed, impressed, and also not surprised by how well this group absorbs and understands. We explored those chemical bonds and how they related to what a chemical reaction is. We'll go into this further next week with a little game I'm creating to help them visualize and see how atoms form molecules and how we can reform them into new molecules.

Friday, we had the opportunity to hear from some of our group as they read the speeches they wrote to the class.

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