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Upper El (12/7-11): Chemistry & Us

Lunch in the Sun!

This week, we explored how chemistry and chemical energy is at work in our bodies. We also dedicated extra time towards our Science Fair, so everyone is ready to go when we head out for break next week.

On Tuesday, we "built a human." Starting with an atom, we went to molecules, to bigger molecules, to the cell, and so on until we had a human! We learned a lot about each stage, like examples of macromolecules (DNA, Proteins, Carbohydrates, etc.) and examples of organ systems (circulatory, respiratory, etc.).

We also discussed how we know that chemical reactions are taking place in our bodies. How do we know for sure? Digestion was, of course, a fun example we discussed. What goes in, isn't the same as how it comes out! A clear sign of chemical change : ) Also, bones healing, cuts healing, breathing in oxygen, and out carbon dioxide.

Wednesday and Thursday, students split their time between starting research for their Science Fair projects and working on their weekly stories. First, they thought of questions that they need to or might want to learn about their project.

After talking with me, they were sent off to research their questions. This is such an important aspect of the process as it helps students fine-tune their procedures and learn something we may not have covered in class.

We'll be continuing with this a little more next week, then finalizing procedures and materials, so by next Friday, everyone will be ready to begin their experiments!

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