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Upper El (3/15 - 19): Building Boxes

This week, students took a recap quiz on our Radiant Energy unit, wrote stories with the same ending (given by Mr. Derek), completed the next stage of our Solar Ovens build, and had fun prepping for our Science Fair!

I'm always so impressed with our Upper El class after we do our unit recap quizzes. Students do their best, and then we go over them as a class. They nailed down the electromagnetic spectrum, understood the relationship between wavelength and energy and the difference between sound waves and light waves. All that and MUCH more! As I said, I'm always impressed!

For our stories this week, Mr. Derek provided the class with a one-sentence ending. Everyone's goal was to write their story so that it would end with that one sentence—another challenge, but one that keeps our writing interesting and fun.

We continued building our solar ovens by assembling the sides we cut out last week and taping them together to form a box. Next week, we'll finish off the box construction by making the lid and lining it all with tinfoil.

Our mock Science Fair on Wednesday was really great, and our class got to experience the fun and scary parts of presenting. We regrouped and discussed some pointers and ideas for making our presentations fun—for ourselves. Everyone came up with a one-line opener for their presentations to get the ball rolling, start them off, and bring their personalities into their projects.

Even though this week wasn't as sun-filled as the last, our group still enjoyed our nature-filled grounds and had some amazing adventures in the creek. This time, Mr. Derek got a little muddy along with them!

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