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Upper El (3/22-26): Science Fair!

We finally had our Science Fair this week, and, "wow!" am I impressed with our group! Thank you to all the parents for coming to support the entire class. It was really special to see parents from middle and lower coming to see our group and our parents going to see middle and lower. I know it made their days and shows our community.

Our story writing lesson this week was all about characters again. Particularly how to create characters that the reader will care for. An easy first step was to think about our favorite characters and decide WHY we liked them.

From there, I helped us categorize specific details that many of these characters share, plus some extra categories as well to consider.

To write our stories this week, students started by creating a character, using those categories, and built a plot around making that character change for better or worse.

For Science and Engineering, we finished the main building of our solar ovens! All that's left is to line them with foil, and then we'll test them! We should be able to do this next week and get to cookin' when we come back from break!

On Wednesday, after Goat Yoga turned out to be an unfortunate bust, we ended up spending half the afternoon down in the creek. Sometimes, when plans go awry, it's important to pick ourselves up and rekindle that love for life before we get right back to work. Rekindling is what we did! Students built steps from some stone they found, waterways with PVC pipe, and simply got to play a little more. It was a needed break, and they were all truly shining after their time!

Again... our Science Fair was awesome! Thank you once more for everyone's help at home, encouragement, and support by coming down and showing an interest in all our students. That's what it's all about : )

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