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Upper El (5/3-7): Static Flyers & Visitors

Well, this was a short week! The biggest part of the week was, of course, our group's trip to Green River! I was so excited to hear about their experiences, and it sounded like an absolute blast.

I can still remember my first overnight field trip in 4th grade. Someplace far away in the mountains. It was an amazing experience, and later, in my twenties, I discovered that the location for this field trip was maybe twenty minutes away. 😂

Either way, I know they'll remember those days forever : ) perhaps a little more accurately than Mr. Derek!

Thursday, we had a chance to repeat a demonstration that failed on Mr. Derek last week! This time, it went really well. We explored static electricity and made a bit of a produce bag float in the air over a balloon! We learned about how electrons move from object to object to create an imbalance of charge—like charges repelling each other and opposites attracting.

Using this, we were able to make the produce bag float in the air, and we also explored how uncharged objects, like a piece of paper, will stick to any charged object, like our balloons.

Friday, we had our visitation day, which was great! After lunch, everyone got to play in the creek together, which was in full flow after a brief rainstorm! Then, since Mr. Derek forgot to take pictures of our Static Flyers from Thursday, we had some fun making things float again to capture the photo moments.

We spent the rest of our Friday beginning building our machines and finishing up our weekly stories. Although it was a short week at school, it seems like we packed a lot into that space!

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