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Upper El (Mr. D): Characters Speak!

Writing stories involves a lot of different pieces. This week, we spoke about... speaking! In what ways can we use dialogue in our stories? And, how can we make dialogue sound more realistic?

Together we spoke about ways in which dialogue can be a tool for our writing. From conveying important information differently to revealing unique layers to characters, the discussion led to a lot of great ideas. We ended by thinking about making our dialogue real. Having conversations with friends, reading the conversations aloud; all great ways to make sure our dialogue doesn't sound unnatural.

For Science and Engineering, we are continuing our dive into our evolution project. Most have finished part 2 and are working on part 3 now. Part 3 is a fun, artistic display of the results from part 2. We've created some interesting new species through random mutations over hundreds of millions of years. Now, it's time to see how they might look!

Students are looking for different images to collage together their new animals. Some features they're adding are things like longer legs, more finger-like feet, more webbed feet, spotted or striped fur or feathers, growing hair where there was none. These are going to look pretty wild when we're done!

Also, this week I began to introduce the Science Fair project to the class. Just starting to think and brainstorm ideas on what things we want to experiment with. We started by mapping out the process of this project and why we really want to love our idea before getting started. There's research, experiments, writing a report, building a board, presenting our boards! I explained that we want to look at this as an independent study project.

Soon, I'll put a more official schedule together for students and parents to have.

On Friday, students made a list of things they're interested in or curious about. Starting with Science topics, but then branching into any area they'd like. We will use these to brainstorm ideas for our Science Fair projects and help make our experiments truly exciting!

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