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Upper El (Mr. D): MacGuffins & Webs

Last week was certainly a different kind of week to say the least, but we still accomplished a lot!

On Monday, we explored a plot device used in writing stories called a MacGuffin! A MacGuffin is an object or character that the main characters need to find. It’s a useful device to drive a story. We looked at a bunch of examples in stories we know and our writing assignment for the next 2 weeks is to include a MacGuffin in our stories.

Tuesday and Thursday we continued work on Food Webs which we began the week before. First, students found definitions for Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers in an ecosystem. We explained how the energy flows from one to the next.

From there, students chose a habitat and made a list of organisms in that environment—being sure to include producers, consumers and decomposers.

Next, everyone found images for the organisms on their list, and began to construct their webs. The arrows in a food web show the direction energy flows. The energy flows from the plants to the animals and then to the decomposers from there.

This will help us with our discussion on Carrying Capacity, which we’ll bring up again when we come back.

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