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Upper El (Ms. Shannon) - “Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all….

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

“Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all, my worries seem so very small, with my waterfall.” Jimi Hendrix

The highlight of the week for the kids had to be Carter Falls!

(sadly missed by Ms. Shannon who was down and out after Covid booster)

They shared so many fun stories from their experience. Hikes and waterfalls and snakes, oh my! We used the trip as inspiration for reflective journaling via creative stories, documenting experience or art.

In the News...

Our Monday news story and discussion was about the Afghanistan girls' soccer team seeking asylum in Portugal. It is an amazing story of perseverance and peace seeking.

DGS Social - It was nice to see so many students and families! Our next school gathering will be for the adults - Wine and Cheese with Mr. Matt on October 14th. Please join us to learn more in depth about his lessons in philosophy and SWI (Scientific Word Investigation). A conversation with Mr. Matt is always intriguing.

Math, Math, Math

There is lots of wonderful math learning going on in upper el! Here's a glimpse of what they've been practicing:

  • operation nomenclature

  • expanded notation

  • inverse operation relationships

  • powers of 10

  • fact practice

  • big subtraction

  • multi-digit multiplier using the Checkerboard

  • huge multiplication

  • division with the Stamp Game

  • divisibility rules and practice on Quizlet

  • word problem strategies

  • geometry - beginning line study

Inquisitive Nature

Conversations began with some of the students this week (all by next week) with the intention of inspiring them to think about what they want to learn, explore, do, create..... In the back of their journals, they are making a list of ideas that they can come back to when they have time to engage in independent learning. The possibilities are endless and can be an extension from a lesson or a brand new topic. learn to play piano, build a guitar, research the history of writing, create a travel brochure for a road trip across the USA, construct a catapult, learn about butterfly migration, prepare creme brulee complete with the firing of a torch.....endless! Can't wait to see the places they will go!

To Do

Please have students renew library books online at They are due back October 5th, however we are still using them to research ancient civilizations. Thanks!

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