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Upper El: Our last weeks

It's been an amazing last couple of weeks with our group—field trip to Green River, finishing our engineering project, and some heartfelt send-offs.

Students finished their engineering projects to great success. It was not an easy challenge, but they all rose to meet it. Their turbines spun their generator and turned on the lightbulb! I'm proud of all they did with this project and with all their projects this year.

I got to read everyone's final weekly story for the year as well. Everyone's creativity continues to blow me away. And, Mr. Derek had the opportunity to write a special weekly story of his own : ) Sharing that with the class was a lot of fun!!

The end-of-year ceremony was special and full of love for our students, teachers, and the whole community. What I've come to love most about DGS is the consistent examples of thoughtfulness throughout the year. From the parents and students to us teachers, teachers to teachers, students to students, teachers to students, and seen again at this closing ceremony in many different ways.

There's a genuine care for others that I see taking root in the hearts of our students. That's going to be a special gift to the world... and probably already is!

I hope you all have a fantastic Summer, and our Upper El students fill it with some "good stories". They'll understand : )

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