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Upper El Out & About (Ms. Shannon)

Over the past two weeks, we've been in and out quite a bit. After returning post Labor Day, we read about why we actually have the day off annually. We discussed a bit about child labor as well as current safety laws to prevent tragedies like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911. Our weeks continued with math lessons, Sketch Noting with Mr. Matt, philosophy, Spanish, SWI, music with Ms. Kathleen along with with sign language songs led by me, and yoga with Ms. Heidi.

Continuing our Ancient Civilization studies, the kids worked on an assignment inspired by Confucius and we began our in-depth research project. Students were able to choose from one of two paths: focus on one civilization utilizing a broad set of questions or choose a limited focus of questions across at least four civilizations. After research is complete, they will choose a project to share their information. There will also be geography and literature connections along the way. For resources, we set off to the public library. Upper El truly represented themselves and DGS in such a positive manner throughout our walk and in the library.

We are enjoying our birthday celebrations. In circle, everyone gives a warm fuzzy (kind words) to the birthday person. We also spent some time crafting/constructing and flew the coop for a birthday lunch and play adventure to the green in front of Davidson library. Mr. Derek shares an original story he has written in honor of each student's trip around the sun. Today's was creepy.....

It was really wonderful to be able to meet with the families of Upper El for conferences. Thank you for attending, listening and sharing.

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