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Upper El: Week of 11/30-12/4... Decemburrr!

It was so wonderful reconnecting after Thanksgiving Break. We missed each other! Our group of 9 students continues to impress me with their positivity, their ability to advocate for their needs, and their ability to communicate their ideas clearly. We constantly checked in with one another regarding the cold this week. We adjusted the location of our heaters, we amped up our winter wear, we rotated inside, and we determined that the sunshine-filled driveway is the best place to eat lunch!

Students jumped right back into their historical fiction stories, their pirate literature circle books, and their math work. We began a new Social Studies unit on the exploration and settlement of North Carolina. Students received new word study sorts, and we began preparing for our first Socratic Seminar.

We're pumped about Wednesday's walking field trip to Hearts on Fiber! Thank you for getting permission slips turned in. Thank you also for supporting your children in bundling up for our cold mornings!!

Newsletter below! :)

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