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Upper El: Week of 2/15

I hope you had a wonderful February Break! Thank you all so much for attending our conferences. It was lovely connecting with each of you and discussing the many things we love about your children, their growth, and the areas where we'll be continuing to support them throughout this spring term.

Prior to break, we began establishing our micronation, we concluded our mystery unit, and we had our final word study check-in for awhile. In March, students will be studying a debatable issue and preparing for our Great Debate day. They'll also begin writing an argumentative essay. We will focus on grammar and handwriting, and will resume word study after Spring Break. This coming week, we will also begin our unit on the American Revolution. Students have signed up for their final master class presentations, and many are choosing to work with a partner this round.

As I mentioned to many of you in our conference, spring time is the best time of year at school! There's so much to look forward to, but perhaps the greatest thing being our return to daily in-person instruction. I'm excited for a more consistent schedule, warmer weather, and some awesome learning in the weeks to come.

Finally, thank you so much for sending in baby pictures of your children. It's amazing how many of them still look the same. Mr. Derek took the cake, though, for the "cutest baby" contest. See our newsletter below.

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