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Upper El, Week of January 27th

Welcome, February! Our class was reflecting on how long January seemed! We had quite a busy month, and are looking forward to another action-packed month ahead. Between Valentine's Day, the Art Auction, the Science Fair, and another field trip, February is sure to keep us on our toes.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, the class will plan their own celebration for Friday, February 14th. I'll be in touch regarding their party requests and how you can help. Rather than bringing in Valentines for the entire class, they've elected to have "Secret Valentine Buddies" (similar to Secret Santa). This Friday, February 7th, students will fill out surveys about their interests and preferences. Next week, students will complete a secretive, in-class activity or craft to place in their secret buddy's bag each day. On the day of our celebration, they will bring in a small gift or [somewhat healthy, non-candy] treat for their buddy. I'll send an email with more specifics about this later this week!

Thank you for helping to prepare your children to have an awesome field trip last Wednesday by dropping them off at the bus station and ensuring that they had the appropriate bus fare. It was a great day! We will likely take the bus into Uptown for our March field trip to the Levine Museum of the New South as well as our May field trip to Junior Achievement Biztown. More info to come regarding these trips!

The class successfully guessed the name of my baby this week, and they were so proud of themselves. Later in the month, we're planning to have a "baby snacks and games" afternoon. I hope to teach them all how to change a diaper :)

Please check out this week's newsletter for more specifics of our classroom happenings, below!

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