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Upper El, week of Sept. 23rd

Good Friday afternoon, families!

Your child should sleep well tonight! We began our day with yoga and then a fire drill. We baked pies and then walked to the library. We’re all quite ready for some fall temperatures! Students enjoyed Drama after lunch before returning to class for their pie treats, which we shared with our Kindergarten neighbors.

On Monday afternoon, Ms. Kathleen led our school in a celebration of the Fall Equinox. Students enjoyed singing songs, sharing stories, and celebrating our fall harvest by eating popcorn!

Please check out the attached newsletter to see all that we learned and worked on this week!

Some of our students were reflecting on our walk back from the library today how fast time is flying, but also, how it seems as if we’ve been together forever! These first six weeks of school have been a time for us to establish expectations and routines, to articulate our goals, and to convey the message that we will do high-quality work this year. These first six weeks have also been a time for us to purposefully and intentionally establish a climate of trust, support, and collaboration within our classroom. Having a strong classroom community creates a space where students aren’t afraid of taking risks, making mistakes, or asking for help. We’ve truly become close during this time!

Remember that we’ll have a 4 day weekend coming up in honor of Rosh Hashana. This week concludes our last full week of school for a while! Students will have a partial week when they’re off for Yom Kippur on the 9th, and then the following week is their overnight!

Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!

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