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Upper Elementary, Week of February 24th


I had a wonderful final week with your children, and it was lovely chatting with each of you on Friday at conferences. Thank you for your well wishes, generous gifts, and amazing children.

We wrapped up our final units before closing out this week, and we made time for a Baby Party on Wednesday afternoon (complete with blindfolded diaper changing, blindfolded baby food tasting, onesie decorating, and birth date/weight/length guessing)!

February was quite a busy month. Thank you for your support with the Science Fair, and for your generosity at the Art Auction! May your week off in March be restful.

Mr. Matt is eager to begin teaching our class, and they're eager to spend their days with him!

I'll be sure to update you all on baby girl's arrival, and I'm sure you'll have the opportunity to meet her at one of our school's upcoming spring events!

Enjoy the following newsletter!!

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