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Week of 9/13 …Conferences

It was really great to have time to talk with everyone this week. We learn so much about your child from you which of course helps us immensely! So even though our schedule was so different this week, it was still productive.

The children are really embracing all that DGS has to offer, academically, socially and emotionally.

As we were learning about how apples grow, we cut an apple in half to discover the star inside.

We are finalizing details for a field trip next month and are excited to share details when we get everything narrowed down.

We celebrated Addie‘s 5th birthday on Monday!

Lots of great senatorial works happening this week as you will see in the pictures. These works help with fine motor and also help the children learn to reason, decide and discriminate.

Have a great weekend!

The Primary Team!

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