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What a week!

Was Halloween really just Monday? Last week was a bit of a tornado of activity. It was wonderful, and also, we are looking for a little return to normalcy this coming week. We definitely squeezed in some lessons...

But the highlight of the week was definitely all the artwork, in preparation for the art auction. Our project was top secret before the auction, but now I'm thrilled to share the process and the outcome with all of you!

I enlisted the help of my daughter Mackenzie, who is herself a product of Montessori education and parenting, and also happens to be a talented artist. Ms. Maya has been teaching the children about Abstract art, so I asked Mackenzie for some ideas based on that, but she ended up really surpassing my wildest expectations with her idea.

She created an abstract rendering of a famous photo of Dr. Montessori with a young child, using the color pallete of the DGS Logo. She then divided the photo into a grid with 20 separate, equal squares. We chose the quote "The Child is the Teacher" to float across the image.

We purchased 20 square 12x12 canvases, upon which she traced by hand the black outline of her drawing. The first step for the children was to pick the canvas with the design that spoke to them. Then Mackenzie gave them a lesson in the use of texture. She showed them how to spread modeling paste and create various textures and patterns with it onto their canvases, encouraging them to be as creative as they wanted, as long as the didn't cover up the lines.

Then she took the canvases home to prime for paint. Using custom mixed colors to match our Logo, she outlined the canvases to guide the children in applying the paint.

This process was not complete until Friday morning. Once the canvases were all complete, then we decided to let the children put the final project together as a group. They stood in a circle, and compared their canvases to one another. Slowly, a bigger picture began to emerge. Watching the engagement, processing, fascination, and appreciation on the faces of the children as this took place was ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL. It moved the adults to tears.

Once it was complete, the children broke into applause, and stood admiring their work until we finally had to tell them to send their piece love and say goodbye, because they might not get to see it again.

Our class's group progect ened up being the highlight of the auction, and the children will be THRILLED to learn that the generous family with the highest bid has donated the art back to the school!

We can't wait to see it in it's new home, DGS!!

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