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With a "Bang"...

Our week started off with a "bang", both literally and figuratively! This was our first week all together for a regular schedule, all week long! I took advantage and jumped right in with the First Great Lesson, "The Coming of the Universe and Earth". This lesson is impressionistic in nature and is meant to spark the children's interest and imagination. It is part of what Dr. Montessori called "Cosmic Education".

Just before the "Big Bang"

Listening Intently!

Thinking about the size of the Earth vs. the size of the Sun by comparing a yellow ball and a golden bead

The remnants of the explosion...

Speaking of the sun, we celebrated two class birthdays with two Sun Celebrations this week!

We have listened to some creation myths from other cultures as a follow-up to the first Great Lesson... a Mesoamerican, a Cherokee, and an Ojibwe creation story were all shared for pondering.

We also jumped in with the introduction of individual spelling practice with our first quizzes for many on Friday.

We had lessons on Capitalization...

...with lots of math and geography sprinkled in...

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