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Lower Elementary August 31-September 4: 15 Days of School and counting...

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Today marked the end of another successful week in Lower Elementary. We started off with a rainy, stormy, muddy, mucky Monday and ended with a blazing hot Friday afternoon. Ms. Paula brought in an amazing caterpillar this week for observation and we actually witnessed the moment it formed it's chrysalis. This is a very rare event to see with your own eyes! We continued with more word problems, addition and multiplication facts and math copy sheets this week. Some children worked with the checkerboard, bead chains and short bead stair. For grammar we reviewed the verb and we had our first spelling dictation exercise on Thursday for both cohorts.

For history the children are learning the origins of the names of the months of year beginning with July, August and September. The Galaxies have their new take home folders and the Stars will have theirs soon. Please make sure your child is returning these to school for weekly use.

This afternoon for team building the children were challenged to make a calendar wheel in 3 separate teams and fill in their birthdays. This required them to use their knowledge of the parts of the circle (center, segment, radius and diameter.) They then had to organize into a long line from January to December birthdays. The final challenge was to organize into a line by alphabetical order (first names.) It's just so cool to see them using these skills and working together to complete a task.

Also, please remember to apply bug spray before leaving home (if this is what you prefer) and bring in extra clothes after these muddy days. We are still collecting "clam shells" for botany if you have any to share!

With love and gratitude, Ms Erin and Ms Paula

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