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A Thank You Letter To Myself - UE

On most Thursdays, Upper Elementary writes thank you letters to friends and family. Today, they were given the assignment of writing letters of gratitude to themselves.

Here are some excerpts:

"I am grateful for me."

"Thank you for being persistent."

"Thank you for being kind."

"You are smart."

"Thank you for being athletic so I can play soccer."

"Thank you for being a healthy body and being strong."

"Thank you for being optimistic."

"Thank you for always being honest."

"Thank you for being fair in games, helping and being peaceful."

"Thank you for having grace."

"Thank you for being funny and making people laugh if they are sad."

"Thank you for never giving up on a horse, human, animal and even yourself."

"Remember, you are very special."

"Thank you for having my back."

"I appreciate you being yourself. With love, you're a great person."

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