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A time for work (Sustainability, 11/15-19)

Turn, turn, turn. Our week began with Lower El creating wheels! Specifically the bases for phenology wheels. Phenology is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life. (

Phenology wheels can be beautiful, personal reflections of the experience of natural rhythms. Experiencing these rhythms through not only eyes, but ears, skin, and noses (rarely tongues!), is a frequent practice at DGS.

Our phenology wheels (a year long project) will be visual manifestations of respect and connection with our environment and our place within it.

Taking this a step further is actively caring for the campus environment. Upper El enthusiastically put care into practice with a bonanza work day. There was soil mixing, animal pen rehab, deconstruction of an aquaponic bed (reconstruction to come), seed collection, and stevia herb propagation by cuttings.

Middle Schoolers wrapped up their adopt-a-tree project by creating signs to highlight their individual trees and how they are freeing them from climbing ivy. 🌳

Kindergarteners got to the root of the matter this Friday, as we read "Tops and Bottoms". We looked at roots we eat - carrots, turnips, and radishes, with a close investigation of carrots. Do you know what those little line-like dots are on the outside of a carrot? Ask your child. 😉 Root crops have been so important to humans living in climates with a winter. As you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, don't forget to give thanks to the roots!

Wishing you all a wonderful break in this season of gratitude.


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