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Among the trees (Sustainability, Oct. 29)

It was a quiet week in Sustainability, with the Monday holiday and Upper El on their beach field trip.

Middle schoolers finally got pruners in hand and began to cut English Ivy vines from their "adopted" trees on campus. They also got to know more about those trees - identifying, measuring circumference, estimating height, and taking stock of the other living organisms in the tree's environment. It was interesting to see the difference between trees with just a bit of ivy - it was super easy to remove - and trees with thick mats of vines growing on them that were surprisingly difficult to cut through. There was so much activity that I forgot to take pictures 🙈

We TRIED to be sure to avoid any trees with poison ivy and will continue to do so, but if your child is very sensitive, please let me know so I can double check the area they're working in. It was a great start to some really good work improving the natural community of our campus!

It turns out that princesses, as well as Spider-Man are fantastic planters and know a lot about Botany. Kindergarteners in Halloween attire made sure our fish were fed and finished up the last of the hydroponic bed planting. They noticed that the lettuce they planted last week had already grown! We read "Plant Secrets" and learned what all stages of Oaks, roses, peas, and tomatoes look like. Ask them what color pea flowers are and what the leaves of tomatoes smell like.

I hope you will all find time to walk amongst the fall colors this weekend. This is a particularly good year. It's a special time well worth slowing down for, breathing deeply, and savoring with all your senses. Do you have childhood memories of Autumn leaves? Your children are making theirs now 😊

Happy Halloween!


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