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An Apple a Day

Thank you for coming to our back to school night, it was great to see so many of you there. I hope that many of you will get an opportunity to enjoy the social and get to know each other a little more on Sunday! I am not sure that I will get there as I am getting my booster on Sunday morning so I will see how it goes!

We had a fun week, although we had many friends out sick so we have been having the usual discussions about coughing into your sleeve, blowing your nose and washing your hands. (Also washing hands if fingers find their way there) Lessons in grace and courtesy continue and the children are trying their best to peacefully interrupt and for the most part they are successful! We are currently working on ways to speak to each other in a kind and considerate way and when all children are at school, we will introduce the peace rose. Inside voices are also strongly encouraged and hopefully you will encourage this at home also. The children are assimilating so well into our community that I have to remind myself that it is still only the second full week of school. Routine is so important at this age and they are embracing the structure and routines in our day.

We have been learning a lot this week about apples, their life-cycle, parts of the apple and then we had an apple tasting event. We tasted seven different kinds of apples. We had granny smith, queen bee, honeycrisp, envy, ambrosia, red delicious, and gala. Red delicious was one of the most popular and surprisingly many enjoyed granny smith!

Violet's family brought us in a monarch butterfly cocoon this week and so we are watching with great anticipation and hoping it will undergo metamorphosis successfully.

We have secured a class pet so to speak! Ms. Paula has brought us two polyphemus moth caterpillars. (the ones with big eye spots). In about a month they will cocoon themselves but it will take a lot longer for them to become moths. So, they are are new class pets We will be learning a lot about them including the fact that they only live for four days when they become moths.

Thank you to those who have already signed the permission form for our upcoming trip on October 4th to Carrigan Farms and for those who have not please take a moment this weekend if you can to do so (because if you are like me and don' will forget).

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

The Primary

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