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And we’re back!

Great to be back, seems like everyone had a lovely break but was rested and ready to come together again.

We are now approaching the last 8 weeks of the school year and it feels like it has flown! But as I look at pictures for the yearbook and see where we all were back in August the growth in every way is enormous!

Kindergarten have begun their descent into their final operation….division!!! And they are loving it so far!

We have begun to explore the world of amphibians and had fun listening to some of the interesting sounds of frogs this morning.

Ms. Shannon graciously sent away for caterpillars for us and provided us with the whole kit and caboodle, so now we get to dive into that wonderful world of metamorphosis! That world in turn always reminds me of the metamorphosis that happens in the classroom when you see what happens from the first day a child enters our classroom at three to the last day of Kindergarten. Many transformations occur during that time!

We celebrated Violet’s 6th birthday yesterday and Maeve’s 4th birthday today! And three more coming next week! Always a sweet opportunity to honor each child!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Collette & Ms. Judith

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Division in Kindergarten! Love it. And I love all the studies of amphibians and caterpillars using as much of the real thing as possible, from actual caterpillars to just listening to the frogs! So great the kids get to connect with what they're learning in such a real way.

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