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Finally you will get to see your children’s art work this evening and know the reasons for choosing this project. They had so much fun with it and are so proud of their creations! Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

This week the caterpillars have become chrysalises and are now in their next stage of metamorphosis and while they do that…we wait. One of the things I appreciate more than ever is that Nature continues to make us wait. It is so important for children to understand and appreciate the gift of time and wonder. They don’t have to wait for so much anymore as we live in such an instant world….but Nature teaches us that we still have to wait for some things and that things don’t always turn out as we plan or hope for and that is okay too!

Many children have had the ‘spring’ virus which has been very confusing as it is an allergy mimicker but definitely more than allergies! Hope everyone gets a chance for some good rest this weekend!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.

Ms. Collette & Ms. Judith

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Seeing the caterpillar stages is amazing!

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