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Welcome Spring

It's official, last week Spring finally officially arrived We took time last Monday morning to share some birdseed with the birds by the tree stumps and empty spaces where the bushes used to be in gratitude for all the joy they brought to our lives for so long. Then we went on a walk through the woods and appreciated all that we still have. After the initial shock of being so exposed, and our pivoting with different spaces for drop off and pick up, the children in their usual fashion just got on with life and accepted it as part of the changes that can occur. I think it has/is taking the adults longer to accept.

We have just completed our study of reptiles and will commence our study of amphibians when we return from break and when we complete this, we will compare them both!

New to our science shelf this week is a work on teeth, which we are currently learning about. Very fitting for our group who are regularly losing theirs!!!

I literally just finished framing our class project and I have to say it surpasses all the previous is a masterpiece!!!! April 26th (art auction) will be a wonderful evening, hope you all can make it!!!

When we come back it will be close to our field trip to Fisher Farm...(April 16th).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring break with lots of time to enjoy each other! And May the East Bunny be good to everyone!

Ms. Collette & Ms. Judith

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