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Balancing (Sustainability, 3/11)

In Sustainability the past two weeks, we've learned that in a community, be it ecological or social, balance doesn't mean that all parts are equal. There is give and take. Systems are always changing, balance is about health, potential, and sustainability.

For instance, plants that needed only a sprinkle of water twice a week in February, now need a good drink every other day. We spend more time watering, less time protecting from the cold. Speaking of plants, our mint, basil, and lemon balm cuttings will be ready just in time for the first Farmer's market on April 2.

We've been regularly testing the water in our aquaponics system, and your children have noticed the numbers are not quite where they should be. Even so, the fish and plants are growing. We are anticipating that the warmer temps (Saturday night excluded!) will promote the growth of our nitrifying bacteria and the system will shift and balance.

Middle School and Upper El have been balancing extra time for play practice (it's gonna be great!) with our climate change unit. They amaze me with their creativity and curiosity. There are games, memes, and speeches all in progress, and all in service to a call for balance on our planet.

Kindergarteners got to tour the entire science fair, and as you can see, they were riveted. Until they needed a little farm work for balance 😉

Lower El enjoyed their once monthly field observations and sketching. There were tiny red maple flowers like confetti at the end of the log walk last week, supplanted this week by the sparkle of spicebush blooms. The periwinkle (Vinca) is blooming along the path and the blackberry brambles are pushing out leaves. Just about right - as an equinox, a day of dark and light balance approaches. Biological spring is sprinting now and solar spring is right on her heels.


Ms. Paula

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